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A is for Animal

…B is for Bear, C is for Caribou, and D is for Dove. The artworks in this exhibition address how animals are an enduring inspiration for American artists. Now showing at the White Bear Center for the Arts.

Abandoned Property

NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF PROPERTY To: Bridges, Melissa Capek, Kathy Clepper, Lori Davis, Bill Ferguson, Buddy Fournier, Henry Groe, James O. Johnson, Richard A. Johnston, Mary Pat Margulies, Joseph A. Saari, Denes Schneider, Julie Seefeldt, Francis M. Strasser, Ted Van Ness, Neale Williams, Jimmie Please be advised that the loan agreement is terminated for the […]

Ken Gonzales-Day: Shadowlands

The Minnesota Museum of American Art’s exhibition of Gonzales-Day’s photography, curated by Curator of Exhibitions and Public Programs Christopher Atkins, will include works from artist’s previous series, as well as his most recent series Run Up.