Actual projects on view at MMAA Project Space will vary from the images shown.

Randy Walker

Incorporating thousands of feet of nylon parachute cord in over ten colors, aurora will be created intuitively, using the two walls that define the northeast corner of the Project Space. By spanning across these walls with a simple length of fiber, a diagonal line will be formed, cutting a new direction to into the regular layout of the gallery. Repeating this mundane action at various locations on the wall, the single strand will be transformed into a fibrous bundle of varying density.  Light, color, and shadow will begin to obscure the corner and creep further into the gallery space, creating an almost atmospheric illusion.

Liz Miller
Sublime Retaliation Scheme

Sublime Retaliation Scheme combines imagery from multiple sources, splicing weapon-related imagery with images derived from elements of pattern, ornament, and decoration. The resulting sculptural installation allows viewers to become immersed in a situation that alludes to both beauty and violence. The work calls into question the precarious nature of perception, and how easily it can be tampered with, allowing benign forms to take on more sinister implications. Although the sculptural nature of the work implies a rigid and somewhat imposing structure, the soft materiality of the stiffened felt suggests otherwise.

Andréa Stanislav
Broken Obelisks

The sculpture is constructed of obelisk forms that have mirrored surfaces which are broken or shattered. The obelisks radiate outward from a center point and appear to float above the gallery floor. The work speaks to the failure of empires and to a dystopian/utopian paradox. Theodor Adorno once said that "without the notion of an unfettered life, freed from death, the idea of utopia, the idea of the utopia, cannot even be thought at all."


Exhibition Dates:
June 8-July 28, 2013

MMAA Project Space
Pioneer Building (corner of 4th and Robert Streets)
332 N. Robert Street St. Paul, MN 55101

Thurs.-Fri.: 4-9 p.m.
Sat.-Sun.: 12-5 p.m.
Closed: Mon.-Wed.

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