The M Blog

Welcome to the M Blog, an online space for discussing and examining issues related to the many experiences of being American today. The voices you’ll read here are ours and yours. The Minnesota Museum of American Art staff is equally as interested in contributing insights as we are in stepping aside to hear from fellow thinkers, creators, and change-agents. The points of view shared by guest writers do not necessarily represent the M’s but rather demonstrate the diversity of response among Americans to cultural shifts at local, national, and global levels. With the M Blog we strive for a mix of deep, highly focused content and broader-reaching, lighter fare. You will encounter the M’s collection, artists, invitations to action, a window onto what we’re thinking about, and more. We are foregoing categories for now in favor of free-flowing content that finds continuity in its intent.

Read on! — Courtney Gerber, Curator of Learning and Engagement