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A Message to The M Community

You are a valued member of the Museum of American Art community, and we want to provide you with an update on the museum and our response to the COVID-19 crisis. As this outbreak reverberates around us, our first priority is the safety of our visitors, staff, volunteers, and everyone in our community.

On Friday, March 13, we made the difficult decision to close our doors to visitors. Our staff is now working from home to minimize the potential spread of the virus. But that doesn’t mean that our work remains behind closed doors.

As we speak, our staff is launching “THE M @ HOME” virtual experience, where we invite those who can’t visit the museum in person to visit from the comfort of their own homes. This will include:

  • A series of short videos of the current exhibition A Choice of Weapons, Honor and Dignity: The Visions of Gordon Parks and Jamel Shabazz, which will feature guest curator Robin Hickman-Winfield and curator Laura Joseph.
  • All the components of Gordon Parks: A Homecoming companion exhibition, including historical photos, contemporary photos inspired by Parks’ work, images from the Spokesman-Recorder where Parks started his career, and a map of locations where Parks lived and worked in St. Paul.
  • Interpretation of various photographs in the show by Gordon Parks High School Scholars, and a reference list of books, videos, and more.
  • Opportunities for people to respond with their own interpretations, impressions, and memories.
  • On our social media outlets, we will regularly feature artwork from the M’s permanent collection to brighten your day. In fact, just recently we shared a delightful image by Frederick D. Jones. This way, you’ll get to enjoy some of the M’s most loved treasures.
  • And that’s just the start. Stay tuned as we continue to develop ideas and create new ways to engage our community online. Visit for updates!

Throughout trying times, we will continue to support our staff and deliver quality creative content in innovative ways. We’ll share all updates on our website, via email, and our social media channels (FacebookInstagram, and Twitter). If it’s within your capacity and you’d like to financially support the M through this difficult time, you can make a donation here. Thank you for your partnership.

During this unprecedented time, we value your connection with us more than ever. Thank you for playing your part in slowing the spread of the virus and promoting the well-being of our entire community. We appreciate you.

Stay well.

Kristin Makholm, Ph.D.
Executive Director