• Joan Mitchell, Strata

Rights and Reproductions

A limited number of images of objects in Minnesota Museum of American Art’s collection are available for research and publication. To request an image, fill out the order form and submit to mvang@mmaa.org.

Note that Minnesota Museum of American Art does not hold copyright for most images in its collection. The museum may supply photographic materials, but each applicant is responsible for obtaining copyright permission from the copyright holder for their use, unless images are in the public domain.


Permission is granted for one-time use only. Applicant may not use the images for any other purpose than that which is declared at the time the image request is made without submitting an additional permission request. Any unauthorized use, for any reason, will render the applicant responsible and liable to the Museum for appropriate compensation and other costs, regardless of whether the applicant has profited from or is responsible for such unauthorized use.

Where no image exists, photography may sometimes be made to order, depending on the Museum’s work schedule and upon payment of a new photography fee. Transparencies and digital images resulting from such new photographs remain the property of the Museum.

You may not use requested image(s) or the name of Minnesota Museum of American Art in advertising without the express prior written permission of the Museum. Images shall not be used to show or imply that the Museum endorses any commercial product or enterprise, concurs with the opinions expressed in, or confirms the accuracy of any text used with the image(s).


Caption: artist, nationality, birth and death dates, title of work, date, medium, dimension, Collection Minnesota Museum of American Art, fund

Credit: The third-party copyright holder, if any, according to his/her instructions

With the exception of reproductions used in advertising and films, an acknowledgement specified by the Museum must appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the acknowledgements section of the publication. Abbreviations are not permitted. In the case of television or films, full ownership credit and acknowledgements as specified by the Museum must be included in the credits. For internet use, the caption and credit line must appear in immediate proximity of the Image, or in a “Sources of Illustrations” section.

If such placement proves to be impractical, please contact the Museum’s Registrar, Mai Vang, at 651-453-1750 or by email, mvang@mmaa.org.

Permission to reproduce images and the fees assigned for that permission cover only the specific use detailed in the applicant’s request. Any and all reprints, further editions, re-use of digital images, or additional use of any kind must be preceded by a new application and is not covered by the original fee or permission granted to reproduce an image.

  1. Requests and reproductions must be received in writing.
  2. Each reproduction must bear the full credit.
  3. Each object must be reproduced in its entirety (i.e., no cropping, “bleeding”, or overprinting) unless approved in advance from Minnesota Museum of American Art.
  4. Before publication of any reproduction in color, a proof must be approved by Minnesota Museum of American Art.
  5. For all prints, send two (2) gratis copies to Minnesota Museum of American Art, 350 Robert Street North, St. Paul, MN 55101.
  6. Reproductive rights apply to the single use as described on this application, and under no condition does this right extend to the use of the image in another form. A separate application must be made in writing for reproduction rights to any reprinting or any future editions of this publication.
  7. The publisher agrees to indemnify and hold the Museum harmless from any and all claims of infringement on behalf of the artist or any person instituted as a result of the reproduction of this work provided for herewith. The Museum assumes no responsibility for any royalties or fees claimed by the artist or by his/her estate.
  8. Certain works of art as well as the photographs of those works of art may be protected by copyright, trademark, or related interests not owned by the museum. The responsibility for ascertaining whether any such rights exist, and for obtaining all other necessary permissions, remains with the applicant.
  9. Minnesota Museum of American Art does not grant exclusive rights to any publisher, author, or photographer, and accepts no responsibility for duplication of images by others.

TIFF (Hi-Res for large prints and exhibitions)                 $175
JPG (Hi-Res for publication under 1,000 prints)             $150/$200 (Cover)
JPG (Low-Res for web, research, educational)                 $75
Reuse                                                                                          50% of price listed above

Rush Fee (Within two weeks of ordering. Regular reproduction process will take a minimum of 3 – 4 weeks.) 100% of the order

If the M does not currently have an image, there will be an additional charge for photography.


Mai Huizel
Registrar of Collections and Archives

350 Robert Street North
Saint Paul, MN 55101