Construction Update

One month into renovations for the new M, and the bones of this Cass Gilbert-designed architectural treasure are beginning to emerge.

After the museum’s groundbreaking ceremony at the end of January, our partners at Greiner Construction wasted no time getting to work in the museum’s new spaces. In the process of removing generations’ worth of overlaid drywall and dropped ceilings, workers are getting down to the bones of this beautiful old building. We’re discovering some of the distinctive features of the Historic Pioneer Endicott, including a set of double archways, linking the entrance lobby and sculpture court areas, that are sure to be architectural hallmarks of the new M.

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Two beautiful brick archways, the back one reopened after years of being bricked in – this is the view which will greet you upon entrance into the new M.

Ad hoc installation? A peek inside the walls, and a glimpse into the lives of previous generations’ residents of the space.

The brick-work throughout will be a distinctive feature of the new M. The blend of old and new in the renovated spaces seems fitting for a museum born in the 19th century and reborn in the 21st.