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I have had the pleasure of working with the M on multiple occasions, each time centered on bringing art to community. The working relationship between the M and community artists is one of mutual respect and continuous learning and flexibility. It’s important, yet quite uncommon, to have a partner that both understands where I am coming from as an artist and organizer while also recognizing my value to the work we do together.

A key indicator of an institution’s commitment to equity is their willingness to listen and respond to critical feedback from their community. As a teaching artist who is trans and non-binary, I was very impressed by The Minnesota Museum of American Art’s Learning and Engagement staff for their ability to listen to my thoughts on confidentiality, pronouns, and gender inclusivity in the classroom environment. The M has made important strides in providing more support to the LGBTQIA+ community and I look forward to seeing these efforts continue to grow in the coming year.

Over the past several years the M has demonstrated a sampler of what it can do. And, despite the challenges to arts organizations right now, I see the prospect for much more. Through building and deepening its partnerships and focusing and enhancing its collection, the M is positioned to show what a relevant, lively art museum of the future can be.

The M embodies a progressive force, supplying a beautiful space and inspirational content to visitors to consider and enjoy as they discover their own ability to more deeply empathize and connect with the world around them. Furthermore, the M has established itself as an entity capable of sustaining this positive cultural momentum; consistency, reliability, and transparency in cultural and historical exploration and explanation are strongly needed today.

To be able to be understood and welcomed by the M means everything to me. You put me in front of people I would’ve never had the opportunity to be in front of. Being able to tell my story through my art, how it impacts me, and how I feel it impacts my community is important for people to hear. Especially the underserved and sometimes underappreciated populations that I represent!  There are people that needed to hear that art is OK to be used for expression. You don’t have to be the “professional,” you can use what you have to be able to tell a story or to be able to express yourself. The cool thing is throughout this whole process the M made me feel like family and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with you all.

It’s a surreal moment to see students who have an opportunity for such greatness. To see the looks on all your faces and to know their names are on these pictures they curated—it’s just amazing.

We honor [our ancestors] by carrying forward the lessons of dignity in the face of adversity, hope in the face of hardship, and love in the face of hate.

As the city councilmember who represents downtown, I could not be more thrilled and proud to have an institution like the M in our neighborhood.