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Outer Experiences: Black Life in Rural and Suburban Minnesota

February 25–June 20, 2021

Outer Experiences: Black Life in Rural and Suburban Minnesota will be a combination of an idea- and object-driven exhibition exploring the experience of being Black outside of the Twin Cities. The exhibit will be based on the African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota’s eponymous digital collection featuring interviews that amplify the voices of Black Minnesotans and the history that connects them to their home. Each interview will explore the narrator’s family history, their life in small-town Minnesota, and their experience of living on the margins of Black and white society. This exhibition will be sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.


Jose Dominguez: It’s Okay To Laugh

Skyway Installation

With It’s Okay to Laugh, Twin Cities-based artist Jose Dominguez populates the windows of the St. Paul Skyway with lively and colorful vinyl designs of imagined creatures. These characters capture the dynamism of the Skyway system—a space people move through repeatedly, but where they  always encounter new faces.

Dominguez aims to infuse the space with a sense of play, as his exaggerated characters play hide-and-seek with the public. With their bright colors and bold lines, his joyful and unexpected characters highlight the absurdity and humor of daily human interactions. 

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