Paj Ntaub: Hmong Embroidery

Thursday, March 7, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Cost: $45 ($35 for M members)
Co-presented with Hmong Museum
This is a single-session class.

Expand your knowledge of Hmong culture through Hmong embroidery, learning the cultural roots and artistic techniques of Paj Ntaub. This class is a partnership between the M and Hmong Museum, where participants learn about the two traditional Paj Ntaub stitches: cross-stitch and applique. The instructor will demonstrate the process of creating both stitches, then learners choose a Paj Ntaub project to work on for the rest of class session. Learners will get the one-on-one support and feedback so they can finish their selected Paj Ntaub project at home. All experience levels welcome.

Scholarships are available on request for half and full tuition on a first come, first served basis. Classes are free at the M for Native community members. Contact or call (651) 797-2571 for more information.

Suzanne Thao

Suzanne Thao

Teaching artist Suzanne Thao learned Paj Ntaub as a child from both her paternal grandmother and her mother. They taught her how to cross-stitch thread onto cloth to make traditional Hmong patterns on clothes, as well as how to cut and sew fabric, using the applique and reverse applique technique, to adorn Hmong skirts, hats, and baby carriers. In the last two years, Suzanne Thao has partnered with the Hmong Museum as a teacher with Project Paj Ntaub, to ensure these traditional Hmong embroidery techniques are passed along to future generations.