Courageous engagement for the future.
Inspiration abounds when everyone comes together to bring brand-new ideas and perspectives to the table. For the M, community partnerships are more than a side project–they lead the way for everything we do.

Partnerships set the stage for inclusivity, respect, and trust to rise to the surface as foundational tenets of true collaboration. We are in this together.

M Partners

Hlee Lee-Kron

Roosevelt Mansfield

Plein Air: Painting Outdoors

Learn Plein Air painting from home! Any time of year from your porch or park.

Artist Talk: Roosevelt Mansfield

Roosevelt says, "This is not about camera's about learning yourself; it's about not being afraid to try things; it's about using what you  have and letting your imagination come through."

Public Art

Public art plays a vital role in engaging communities in the built environment, expressing artistic values to a broad, constant audience, and beautifying the spaces where people spend their time. The M has long held a commitment to creating public art, both permanent and temporary. By engaging various partners in the process, creating public art provides an opportunity for connection and investment. Around downtown St. Paul, you will find many places that have been enlivened and brightened by public art projects created by many voices from in and around this beautiful capital city. 

El Vaivén, 2023

Zamara Cuyún

Robert Street Skyway

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Maǧážu (Rain), 2023

Mona Smith

The M’s 350 Robert Street entrance

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SkyTrain: Cities in the Clouds, 2023

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (SPCPA) students

Victory Ramp Skyway

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Colonial Traumas, 2022

Luis Fitch

Skyway 28 over Wabasha Street at 4th Street

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Off the Deep End, 2022

Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (SPCPA) students

Skyway 31 over Jackson Street between 4th and 5th streets

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It’s Okay to Laugh, 2020

Jose Dominguez

Skyway 30 over Robert Street between 4th and 5th streets

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Flows of Interconnected Motifs, 2017

St. Paul Mural Project

Xee Reiter, Christina Vang, Melissa Vang, Vanghoua Anthony Vue,  Nicollazzi Xiong, Shoua Yang,

Jackson Street Ramp

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