Leslie Barlow

Stephen, Jeffery, and Twins, 2017
Oil, pastel, and collaged sewn fabric on canvas
Minnesota State Fair Purchase Award

The M snagged this painting by Leslie Barlow at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, where it was decorated with honors, including the White Bear Center for the Arts Award and Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Award. (Fun fact: The M is the only museum that purchases an artwork each year from the Minnesota State Fair for our permanent collection.)

It’s no wonder Stephen, Jeffery, and Twins received such recognition. It’s a tender portrait Leslie painted on top of a patchwork of fabrics, suggesting that a family is like a beautiful quilt.

Leslie herself is quite decorated. City Pages named her “Artist of the Year” in 2016. She’s received major commissions and does great work to support other artists of color through projects such as Studio 400. She’s been a teaching artist at the M, too!