October 30, 2021–January 29, 2022
Robert Street Window Gallery

Curated by Michael Khuth as a culmination of his fellowship with the Emerging Curators Institute (ECI), Sutures centers an emerging generation of artists creating photo- and film-based artworks that complicate or expand upon still and moving images and their relationship with inheritance and memory.

Featuring the work of Cheryl Mukherji, Prune Phi, Sopheak Sam, and Daniella Thach, this exhibition explores how these contemporary artists reappropriate imagery—drawing from family photo albums, national archives, media outlets, among other sources— to shape new ways of seeing their communities, nations, pasts, and futures. The first program of its kind in the region, the Emerging Curators Institute aims to foster critical dialogue around curatorial practice and provide opportunities for Minnesota-based emerging curators.

Daniella Thatch, 2020
As an Aspara
transformer, projection, and artificial intelligence