Daring to envision a hopeful future
With contemporary exhibitions that maintain the familiar balance of bridging the past and present, the M is ready to see what’s next. The window galleries bring art and storytelling directly to the public—a connection so immediate you can’t pass by without noticing.

Thanks to committed partners and dynamic transitions, it is clear that the future of the M goes beyond the current physical space. By embracing these shifts, the M affirms its mission to explore American identities through art and creativity.

New avenues of bringing art to people mean more opportunities to be creative, ask important questions about visibility and accessibility, and work in innovative ways with the community. Stay tuned for what’s next.

Coming Fall 2024

In fall of 2024, the M will reopen the entirety of its new spaces, showcasing the permanent collection and realizing a plan that has been in the works since the M first moved into the Pioneer Endicott. Imagine yourself in these new galleries and get excited for what’s to come!