Get the Scoop on the M’s Collection: Insiders Share Top Picks 

The M’s collection is full of thousands of artworks which individually and collectively tell stories of American artists from the 19th century right up to today. While the M continues to find new ways of bringing art to the public, a few valuable voices from the M’s board and staff have shared some pieces they hope everyone knows about. This group has been dedicated to an in-depth assessment to ensure the collection continues to reflect the M’s current focus and goals. As such, these stewards of the collection are intimately aware of the collection’s history, artists, and stories.

Tom Arneson, Mai Vang Huizel, Laura Joseph, Colles Larkin, Mia Laufer, and Kova Walker-Lečić list their favorites below:

Tom Arneson

Tom Arneson, a longtime board member of the M, is a deeply dedicated steward of the M’s collection.

Mai Vang Huizel

Mai was the M’s Registrar of Collections and Archives from 2015 until 2021.

Colles B. Larkin

Colles Larkin is a longtime board member of the M and has developed deep knowledge and understanding of the M’s vast collection.

Kova Walker-Lečić

Kova Walker-Lečić was the M’s Assistant Registrar of Collections and Archives from 2018 until 2021.