A Great Comeback Story: Minnesota Museum of American Art

A TPT Partnerships Co-Production with the M

Minnesota Museum of American Art (“the M,” for short) has been a fixture in the Twin Cities art scene for more than a century. But it’s a museum with a peripatetic history. Based in 13 homes and operating under several different names over the years, periodic reinvention has been a hallmark of the M’s many lives. As we’re poised to open a brand new, permanent home in downtown St. Paul’s Pioneer Endicott building December 2, it’s a perfect time to look back and take stock of that storied history, so that we can better appreciate the remarkable opportunities and promise that lie just ahead. To that end, the M is partnering with our neighbors at TPT and MN Original to create an engaging series of videos telling some of those stories. These short videos will delve into the M’s history and remarkable comeback after years without a permanent home. We’ll dig into the museum’s deep connections to regional artists and craft traditions, and sample the depth and breadth of the museum’s incredible collection of artworks.

PLUS: On TPT Originals website, check out “Five Memos for a New Museum,” an essay by the M’s Executive Director Kristin Makholm, originally published in the now-defunct online art magazine Quodlibetica. This piece sheds light on her first few months at the helm of the museum, and her hopes for its future.

Watch the three video shorts in this new series produced so far!


“Bus Tour”

“The Comeback”