Wise, Gifted, and Black: Art by the Magnificent Golden Agers

June 27–July 17 
Robert Street Window Gallery

As part of a seven-session residency led by teaching artists Nicole M. Smith and Lawrence El Grecco Waddell at Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, members of their group of women eldersknown as the Magnificent Golden Agers—have created powerful collages, written reflections, poetry, and photographs that reflect discussions around the themes of Black identity and the intersection of art and activism. The collages and program documentation (a short video currently in production) will be on view at the M and on permanent display at Hallie Q. Brown Community Center. This is the second time the M and Hallie Q. have come together to host this engagement of the Golden Agers, who have come to embrace their identities as artists and creatives over the course of this project.