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CURRENTS: Adaption, Brilliance, and Joy

December 7, 2023–February 25, 2024

Hazel Belvo: For Love

November 4, 2023–May 26, 2024

WAKPA at the M: Mona Smith’s Maǧážu (Rain)

Mestizaje: Intermix-Remix

Transformation: Art from the Inside


1.5: A Southeast Asian Diaspora Remix

SOS Color Code 2020

When the international distress signal SOS was adopted in 1908, its easily recognizable and unique code produced aural unity, a sense of calm in life or death situations. As the world adjusts to new norms in challenging times, SOS Color Code 2020 offers a reconsideration of how language, objects and symbols, and even color can help us find stable ground and safety no matter where we are.

SPPS 2020 Honors Visual Art Exhibition